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is a division of the Abalingua Group dedicated to provide interpreting solutions for events that may be considered “out of the ordinary”. These extraordinary events may be deemed as such because of their sheer size, with thousands of attendees or delegates, held in large or massive venues such as stadiums, large conference rooms, outdoor spaces, arenas or because of its complexity regarding number of languages needed to be interpreted into. Abalingua Global has been providing its services into these kind of events for years now, with a very high degree of clients’ satisfaction thanks to our in house developed system that allows us to get rid of any hassle organizers may have when dealing with simultaneous translation in this kind of events.

We are constantly on the move with events going on worldwide, from the US to Europe, Asia or South America, the world is our playground. We are always looking for new projects we can embark on, new challenges to face and new clients to serve. At the moment of writing these lines, we are on our way to Rotterdam in The Netherlands to setup an event with 8 booths and several thousand receivers, where we will have 4 parallel systems of interpretation working at the same time in the same space, which is the best solution for the specific requirements our client wanted us to meet.As soon as we are back from this event, we’ll be providing our services at the United Center Arena in Chicago, where Michael Jordan also impressed the whole world with his massive performances during many years and that has made him the very best in the world. In Chicago, we’ll be providing simultaneous translation to cover the space that holds over 20,000 people. And events like this are what we do, and we  do it right. All our systems have been tested and improved overtime, and we have reached a point where we are 100% confident on this system designed for events that don’t fit in the regular venues.

Our dedicated team of professionals is formed by project managers, production managers, technical staff and even interpreters, all of them working consistently over the goal of providing the best tailored solution according to the clients’ needs. From the time we receive a quote request, our dedicated team goes on to study the whole circumstances surrounding the event, makes sure the client has a clear image of how the system is going to work and how our system will make his/her life easier in a meeting held together with our team where we can discuss the details of the event. We study the location of the event and after we decide which will be the best system to be set according to the characteristics of such venue.

The Abalingua Group

was created 26 years ago by an interpreter with a clear vision to lead the market and serve clients globally in any kind of venue with any degree of complexity  and so far he has achieved his ultimate mission, to connect the world through a happy experience and clear communication by providing the highest standards in translation services globally.


Our project has been steadily growing, even in times of crisis, and especially in the last few years where the Abalingua Global Experience took sail and allowed us to show our expertise and know-how worldwide, broadening the market we can reach at. Our team does step up to the plate and lead the project in order to make sure the client is satisfied and convinced to reach out to us for future events. That satisfying experience has been achieved since our real goal is to convert a regular client into a raving fan client, and it’s actually something that makes us proud of the work we are doing. Really and truly, we promise a lot, but our inner objective is to actually provide more than what we have commited to.

Big, large, massive, huge, gigantic, enormous, vast, immense…. If you could define the event you organize with any of these adjectives, you definitely have to speak to us if your event needs simultaneous translation, and allow us to explain how can we help to also turn it into an amazing, awesome, favoulous, stunning, astonishing and extraordinary experience for everyone involved. Let us make your life easier by getting rid of simultaneous translation as one of the problems you must deal with.

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