We are providing organizers of multi-lingual international large events where simultaneous translation is offered to the attendees with a tailored service whereby we can greatly help and improve the overall service the attendees will get. There is no doubt simultaneous translation plays a major role in the experience the attendee will go through, as it will accompany them throughout the whole event, having constantly a voice in their ears that is explaining to them in their home language what is being expressed on stage. There’s plenty of large events where there are attendees coming from all walks of life and from many different nationalities, and where simultaneous interpretation makes sure everybody gets the same experience regardless of the language they are most confortable with. We also provide a channel for people with hearing challenges. Surveis show that although the simultaneous interpretation services tipycally accounts for around 20% of the final cost of the event, in many cases when it comes to customers satisfaction, it ranges higher than 80%.

We have regularly been providing our services for events such as Coaching courses or events, Multi Level Marketing events, Massive events, extreme events, corporate events, shareholders’ meetings or any kind of special events understood as non-standard ones…

If you are organizing a large multilingual event, you are going to want to talk to us.

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