October 23, 2018

Hard work pays off.

We keep our focus on providing our services to International companies organizing large or massive events. This time we had the chance, pleasure and privilege of cooperating with an international multi-level marketing enterprise which is rapidly expanding providing them with interpreters and equipment for their yearly meeting, this time in Barcelona, Spain. We had to coordinate with them to make sure the 1,500 receivers we provided them with worked perfectly, and they did, not a hiccup. The client was quite impressed, both with our system and by the service they received, when we had to adapt and react to several last-minute requirements, which were satisfied thanks to our techs on-site. We provided the client with interpreters and interpreting equipment. Needless to say, the client was quite impressed and has already been converted into our system. They had experience with other systems but were impressed to see they could hear the interpretation outside the room, that there was no queueing at all and that the price per receiver loss was 0.

This was the first time we cooperated with this client, and they have already told us they count with us for all their events worldwide. Hard work and a good service pay off.

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