November 12, 2018

Isn’t it nice when a massive event turns into a massive success?

The answer is undoubtedly YES. It is always nice to see an event you’ve invested time and effort takes shape and ends up being a great success, a success that if it wasn’t by the service we provided could have turned into a massive nightmare. But once again, we’ve validated our own in-house developed system for massive events as being essential in order to get rid of problems when organizing a large event.

In this occasion, we had to satisfy the requirements of a very demanding client, that was eager to see if our system performed as we had promised it would, and indeed it did. Not a single complaint on the interpretation. Crystal clear signal in both venues, 10,000 receivers total, and a total cost derived from receiver loss of 0€.

Setup for the first part of the event was done at night, it was over 22:00 when our team had access granted to the room where they had to set up 6 interpreting booths and all the required equipment to ensure a high-level interpretation system was set, tested and ready in a few hours, when another team got to the venue to provide technical assistance during the event. This was a high-level Multi-Level Marketing event, held by one of the largest MLM enterprises worldwide.

Needless to say, this was ready to roll early morning, and by the time the meeting started this had been tested, tweaked with some small adjustments and retested to make sure everything was up to the clients’ requirements. The service work flawlessly, with up to 90% of attendees using our interpretation system. That same percentage of attendees relying on our system was found on the 2 next days at the completely crowded Palau Sant Jordi, where it was a pleasure see 10,000 attendees entering the venue smoothly and with no queueing, people went in, were given a receiver with no need of leaving any ID in exchange for the receiver and they were on their way to their seat. As it frequently happens in this kind of event, the environment is quite noisy, with loud music blasting through the speakers, but people using our receivers had no problem with this, as the receivers come with earbuds that cancel the environmental noise.

From the start of the event until the end, the organizer didn’t have to mind us as the system worked perfectly. It is a sight to behold when a complicated system as this is tuned so perfectly it needs little to no readjustment during the event. And at an event like this the interpretation was crucial, as most people in the audience came from different countries and didn’t speak English (we had Spanish, German, Polish, Italian, Hebrew, Dutch, French and English channels).

After all, all the hard work and long hours paid off and our service was outstanding. It is rewarding when you see all the effort materialize in a successful event. Massive effort turns a massive event into a massive success. If you are planning on organizing any large or major event, get in touch with us and we’ll study together how can we help you and make your life easier.

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