November 16, 2018

The human factor at an interpretation service



We are constantly mentioning our state of the art equipment, and it is true that it is something we are quite fond of. But equipment doesn’t provide interpretation by itself, and there are a couple of human elements without which interpretation wouldn’t be possible. Regardless of what you may have read about automatic interpretation, human intervention is, and will be for quite some time, still playing a crucial role to provide a high quality interpretation service. We mentioned 2 human elements: the first one, important before and during the interpretation itself, are the technicians that know the equipment and the system inside-out, and that set the equipment and test it so that when the interpretation is going on everything works fine. Technicians are without a doubt one of the pillars of a company such as ours. They deserve not just one but innumerable articles in order to have their priceless work recognized. But in this article, we want to underline the importance of the second human element, which are the interpreters. Their work, same as with the technicians, starts well before the event starts, when they prepare for hours with documents provided by the client beforehand. This preparation is extremely important, and this is something we always make sure is done for every single event we provide interpreters for.

This week, we have been providing interpreters for the Smart Cities congress in Barcelona, where we provided Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese…a total of 28 interpreters every day, interpreting in different rooms. This was a very interesting forum where interesting ideas where exposed, and where hopefully decisions where taken that will help improve the quality of life of all of us who are city dwellers. There were plenty of proposals, ideas and equipment designed to achieve such goal. It was a pleasure to provide Smart Cities with interpreters.



Simultaneous Interpreters





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